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Project: Erecting internal scaffolding for BIRLA CARBON EGYPT inside silo (35) line 3 & silo (3) line 1 Scope of work:

1. Start erecting required internal scaffolding after opening Manholes of silos and completing silo isolation by LOTO system and ventilation of silo with approval from safety to enter the silo

2. Internal scaffolding will be from metal only no wooden strips will be inside silo till all old CS roof removed then will start put wooden strips for task of sand blasting and painting to avoid any fire inside silo

3. After complete removal of old CS roof inspection will performed for first silo shell

4. If there is no corrosion issue in the shell external scaffolding will not be required

5. If there is any abnormal rusted or corrosion in the shell , external scaffolding will be erected to serve last silo shell

Place: BIRLA CARBON EGYPT Co, ELNAHDA Road , Ameria , Alexandria Duration:Three months Statue: current


 Erection of all required scaffolding for boiler 3 (2000 m3)

Project: Demolishing old thermal insulation & Fabrication &Erecting Thermal insulation for Crown group on boiler 3 line 3 (Maintenance project ) at BIRLA CARBON EGYPT Co Scope of work:

1. Receiving of all Aluminum cladding and thermal insulation glass wool and ceramic to start fabrication.

2. Boiler stop and cool down All scaffolding work outside should be done

3. Demolishing of thermal insulation and aluminum cladding from all casing part parallel with the removal of concrete insulation then removal of beams supports of the casing for all parts from outside.

4.For the Wall between the Evaporator 1&2 thermal insulation and cladding will be erected after Fixing the repair directly 5.Installation of all cladding work and thermal insulation for all erected parts Lapping with refractory installation to finish boiler from inside

Place: BIRLA CARBON EGYPT Co, ELNAHDA Road , Ameria , Alexandria Duration:one month Statue: current

Al Naseria, Al-Qodah Zone, Division No.18- Al Ameria, Alexandria Tel: +201023829526-01211818905-01005338235, info@

From Al-Nour Company for General Contracting, our company Metal Scaffolding and Thermal Insulation works has emerged, which complemented the same goals and vision in search of development .

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